Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011 Minutes (summary)

Police Activity in the Sherman Neighborhood
Lt. Carl Strasburg, Madison Police Department, North District reported.
Calls for Service Statistics
January 1 - March 1, 2011 / 298 calls for service received
January 1 - March 1, 2010 / 311 calls for service received
Statistical Breakdown20112010
Drug Incidence34
Thefts from Autos21
General Thefts56
Stolen Automobiles01

Neighborhood Hot Spots: Wiggie’s; Windom Park; Bus Transfer Point
There has been a marked improvement in the situation at Wiggie’s. Strict security rules were put in place. In November, Wiggies’ owner opted to close early—between 8:00 – 9:00 p.m.—rather than meet the strict requirements.
Bus Transfer Point
Greyhound uses this location as a drop off point. Since there is no bus facility, customers have to wait outdoors. Bus customers often went into Wiggies’ to wait. The police received 62 calls for this location last year.
Cut in State Budget / Impact on Madison Police Department
Lt. Strasburg indicated that it is too early to tell what impact the state budget reductions will have on the police department.
Tips for a Safer Neighborhood
  • Always lock house, autos
  • Light area around house
  • Report anything unusual or peculiar to the police
  • Know your neighbors
Report from Paul Rusk, Dane County Board Supervisor
Gypsy Moth Spraying / May 2011
Residents in the area to be sprayed will receive or already have received a notification letter from Marla Eddy. If you don’t receive a notice, your area is not being sprayed. The city received no objections from residents last year. The spraying was effective; it cut the gypsy moth population. These insects can devastate trees.
Emerald Ash Bore
This insect has not yet been found in Dane County; however, it has been found in the state. It will eventually invade the county and many trees will be destroyed. Dane County has a project focused on how recycle all the wood anticipated as a result of dead Ash trees.
The WI Department of Natural Resources website is a good resource for home owners to check out.
Impact of Budget Cuts on Dane County
The county derives 75% of its budget from state revenue, federal revenue, and fees. 50% of the county budget goes to fund health and human services. The Governor’s budget bill prevents local governments from raising taxes to make up the revenue loss. The impact of the bill on the county budget is anticipated to be substantial.

General Reports
Sherman Neighborhood Association (SNA) Recruitment / Madison Neighborhood Grant Proposal
Ms. Maguire reported that SNA submitted a grant proposal to the city for $1300 to fund a major SNA member recruitment campaign. The request sought funding for the printing and mailing of two newsletters and two post cards to every resident in the Sherman Neighborhood Association area. Ms. Maguire received notification from the city that the $1300 proposal was approved and funded with one minor caveat. The original proposal included utilizing yard signs; however, the grant money awarded may not be expended on yard signs.
Ms. Maguire indicated that she would like to see more involvement in the SNA by businesses in the area.
SNA Publicity: It was suggested that the association consider sponsoring an informational Sherman Neighborhood Association table at the Northside Farmers Market—perhaps utilizing the tag line: Know Your Neighbor.
Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS)
This organization is proposing to purchase the former Sears building and property on Sherman Avenue. The location is in the Town of Madison. DAIS has been in Madison for thirty years. The trend in domestic abuse intervention circles is to locate facilities in known locations. Ms. Maguire and Ms. Kester met with the Executive Director to discuss the proposal. The plan is to use the whole building. Two neighborhood associations have submitted letters of support for the proposal. Members discussed the proposal.
Ms. Brown moved, seconded by Ms. Kester, to send a support letter signed by SNA co-chairs Maguire and Jandl.
Motion passed unanimously.
Very Special Arts of Wisconsin (VSPW)
Ms. Luttrell reported she attended the organization’s recent open house at its new location on the corner of Sherman Avenue and Aberg. The organization provides art experiences to people with disabilities. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood.
Northside Group Spotlight Report: Wild Warner (
Ms. Kester reported that a group of concerned citizens were concerned about some of the ideas proposed in the Northside Plan such as paddle boats for the lagoon. The group started to organize in August 2009 and incorporated as a nonprofit in July 2010. Monthly meetings are held at Warner Park Community Recreation Center. The original map of Warner Park shows a balance between sports and natural areas. Wild Warner members advocate for the “wild” part of the park and provide educational opportunities. It is working to protect meadow areas from mowing or more soccer fields, to protect geese and other wildlife, plantings to feed wildlife and more. Five summer nature walks/events (March – July) are being planned. There will be trash clean up events in the park with recycling proceeds going to Wild Warner.
Neighborhood Meeting: Wiggie’s Security Plan/License Renewal in May 2011
Because of neighborhood concerns and police activity at the bar on Aberg, the Madison Chief of Police instituted a security plan for Wiggie’s as a condition of its liquor license. Rather than meet the security requirements to stay open late, the owner elected to close early. Ms. Maguire reported that things have changed dramatically in her area; she now has peace of mind and a sense of personal security. Wiggie’s liquor license comes up for renewal in May; there will be an opportunity for public input at that time. Members discussed sending a Sherman Neighborhood Association letter of support for continuation of the security plan as a condition of the license renewal.

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