Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The next SNA meeting is right around the corner...hope to see you there!

Meeting Agenda for January 6, 2014—6:30 p.m.
Warner Park Community Recreation Center

SNA Regular Business
            Treasurer’s Report
Invited Speakers
            Sue Thering, Ph.D.: short presentation on Accessory Dwelling Units    (
Old Business
            FEED Kitchen tour—who is interested?

            Co-sponsoring WPCRC Sunday Community Supper--March

            Well 7 rebuild—revised schedule
            SNA Newsletter schedule (Megan)
 New Business
            Emerson Eken Park Yahara neighborhood planning process [sign-up to receive periodic plan announcements and updates: - go to Neighborhoods and choose Emerson East-Eken Park (EEEP).] May still be opportunity for a volunteer for the planning committee.

            Speakers for future meetings---March 3, 2014: Paul Rusk, Dane county supervisor: Emerald Ash Borer. Other agenda items for next meetings March 3, 2014 and May 5, 2014.



            city project to replace street/sewer/water main on Huxley from Schlimgen Avenue to Winchester Street and Johns Street from Dennett Drive to Olbrich Avenue in 2014

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