Sunday, September 6, 2015

Next SNA Meeting is Monday September 14

Meeting Agenda for Monday, September 14, 2015—6:30 p.m.
Warner Park Community Recreation Center Meeting Room

SNA Regular Business 
--Minutes (Pat)(attached)
--Treasurer’s Report* (Megan)
Old Business 
--Report on huge success of Neighborhood Beautification Grant (“Art in the Yard”)(Alexis)—yay team!
--Safety/stoplight issues at Packers and Schlimgen—emailed information from Brian Smith, city engineer
--Proposed mixed-use project at “triangle” corner of N. Sherman/Fordem/Sherman (across from Kappel’s Clock Shop)—Nancy Thayer-Hart, neighbor from immediate area
New Business 
--Update on Northside Planning  Council (Pat & Dolores) 
--Declaring our neighborhood a Pollinator-Friendly habitat? (Dolores)
--This summer in Warner Park: crane chicks, Wild Warner, etc
--EYESORES (abandoned Hertz lot; All Auto lot on N. Sherman next to La Bellitalia; car repair property up for sale, known as Zippy Lube)
--Constitutional amendment re: money in politics? (Lynette and Dorothy)

--Save the date: Mayor’s Neighborhood Conference Sat, Oct 24th at Warner Park Center (WPCRC)
--Annual Dane County Alzheimer’s Walk Sat, October 10 at the Warner Park Shelter (registration 7:45 / Walk at 9 a.m.) to be followed by the North/Eastside Senior Coalition’s AppleFest at WPCRC


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