Saturday, March 5, 2016

Next SNA meeting is Monday March 7, 2016

Join us at the Warner Park Community Recreation Center
1625 Northport Drive

Agenda Highlights and invited guests:
  1. Proposed mixed-use construction, Packers and Schlimgen
  2. Discussion on Willy Street Coop, RPs Pasta, Oscar Mayer
      (Guest: Brendon Smith & Kristen Moore)
  3. Fireside Five-0, Sherman Ave., pedestrian crossings
      (Guest: neighborhood MPD officer Dave Dexheimer)
  4. Madison Mallards fireworks, other plans
      (Guest: Mallards manager Vern Stenman)
  5. Neighborhood-school collaborations
      (Guest: Sherman Middle School Principal Kristen Foreman,
                 and Volunteer Coordinator Dane Gottschall)
   6.  Pollinator project talks, other summer projects
   7. Mendota PTO rummage sale, May 14, 2016

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